Thrift Store Treasures

Thrift Store Treasures

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Treasure Hunting in Thrift Stores

Treasure Hunting is alive and well in 2012 thanks to an abundance of thrift stores all over the world. Instead of paying full retail for a new item, you can easily find deals on most products in a thrift store. Not only does it save that green stuff in your wallet or purse but is also a lot of fun! You have to be fast when you see some items in stores because others will grab items right in front of you if they want it badly. Many times it is all about being the first to see a new shelf or buggy packed with items. The best items will usually be the ones that are grabbed first and placed in a customers buggy.

If an item has been passed by for several days, that will show that the product and/or price is not right. Those you want to avoid unless you have a special knowledge about the product or you really need it.For example, many older shoppers may pass on a Playstation console for $12 but I won’t. Staying with what you need and know about is the best strategy for finding deals in thrift stores.

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